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Ayurvedic Treatment for Infirmity of Teeth

Some of the Ayurvedic and Home Remedies for the Infirmity of Teeth are:

  • Take 10 gms. of pippal churna, sendha namak 10 gms, grind them to a powdered form and use this combination as tooth powder to clean your teeth.

  • In case of toothache, rub a little of honey over your teeth and allow the saliva to flow out of the mouth. If your teeth has a worm or cavity then fill it with the above mentioned powder and then rinse your mouth.

  • Take ammonium chloride 5 gms. and put it by the help of a cotton wad to the affected teeth. Allow saliva to ooze out. The toothache shall vanish soon.

  • Heat 1 teaspoon coconut oil and fry 3 pieces of cloves (laung) powder. Apply on the affected area.

  • Apply nutmeg oil in affected parts.

  • Burn the shells of almonds and powder it. Use as toothpowder.

  • Soak a piece of cotton wool in a few drops of clove oil. Press on affected areas.

  • Paste of dry ginger applied to gums along with a little salt.

  • Apply a mixture of powdered black pepper and clove oil on the affected part.

  • Pound some asafoetida (heeng) in a mortar and pestle and add some lime juice. Heat it slightly. Soak a piece of cotton and put it on the affected area.

  • Take three gms. of turmeric, three cloves and three dried leaves of guava. Boiling them in 250 ml. of water and after straining it through a fine sieve, rinse your mouth with this lukewarm water for about 15 minutes. You get instant relief. Alternatively, roast a turmeric piece in hot ash and then press the turmeric by your aching teeth. Do so for two minutes and then the saliva come out of your mouth. Spit it away. Soon the trouble will vanish.

  • Pain can be palliated by applying clove oil (which is still a preferred and choiced option of dentists) over the painful tooth and loosen the mouth to let out saliva. If pain is triggered by caries in the tooth, or if tooth is crumbling, apply milk (latex) of Madar plant (but be careful, the milk does not spill down the throat, as it is a strong poison nor does it touch the eyes which can be blinded).

  • Massage your teeth with alum mixed mustard oil or simply massage this oil over gums or mix some amount of finely pounded salt to it and then massage. Rinsing mouth with saline/alum water removes infection, swelling, pain, bleeding and pus. Mix kalka churna with honey and apply to teeth & gums.

  • Take hard foods that require to be masticated. Take plenty of citrus fruits, like Guava, lemon, Mousambi, orange, pomegranate, Amla. Remember, Amla is the richest source of vitamin-C which is a tonic, par excellence, for the teeth and gums and, above all, its content of vitamin-C remains unchanged, taken in whatever form.



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